Monday, May 23, 2011


So today I took my driving test.
 All morning long I had the worst butterflies in my stomach ever.
I was so nervous.
I was pretty sure I was going to fail
I didn't!
So now I can drive on my own
without anyone!
So I'm excited :D
Also it is the last week of school and
I handed in my last assignment for my American Sign Language class.
And surprise surprise it's raining
But I just heard thunder, and I love thunder storms so that makes the rain better :)
But I still want warm days and blue sky.
I am re-reading the Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis
(hopefully you will see a review soon)
and one of my favorite characters ever in that book. 
His name is Puddleglum and he is a pessimist and reminds me a bit of myself in that respect.
Though I am not pessimistic to that extent :D
here is a funny yet pessimistic quote from him. 

"Puddleglum's my name. But it doesn't matter if you forget it. I can always tell you again." (Chapter 5)

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