Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well it sure is hot out here in the desert.

Sorry I haven't written is a while but things have just been, well 
Hot  ( over 100 F)
so I have felt like nothing but sitting in the cool basement watching Psych or going to work.
That is one thing that has boosted my moral in this depressing heat.
I have a new awesome job! 
I get to sell fresh (mostly) local produce. 
So far I have only worked a couple of days but I have enjoyed it.
I hope it stays that way :p

Oh yes and I also got a 

Goodbye to the days of being the only teenager still in the dark ages.

The only sad thing is as it is a Tracphone and I ordered it on Friday I have not yet received it yet :(
But it should come by Wednesday. 

Oh yes: School begins on Thursday :(
I wish summer would last for at least three more months and it wouldn't get cold and cloudy.
Yes I love fall and I enjoy snow but summer is such a lovely time full of
Freedom and Sunshine
No school, time to do whatever or just do nothing, sitting in the sun reading, or
playing ultimate frisbee and volleyball. 
Fairs and garage/yard sales :) 
But then I guess it also comes with times like this where it is so hot one can't move without breaking a sweat so. . .

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

At My House. . .

So we seem to be in fall cleaning mode or something right now.
Yesterday afternoon we removed all the junk/wood/tools/squirrel houses/spiderwebs/random things from the garage/Dad's workshop.
This is a rather a brave thing for anyone to attempt.
 And we succeeded! :) 
Now we have a table in our front yard piled with pots and a vacum hose with a Free sign taped to it.
I guess all that cleaning got me inspired because today I went through (almost) all my clothes and, man I had no idea I had so many unused clothes.
So feeling very accomplished I took some pictures so this post wouldn't be quite so blah :)
Our old Croquet set

A portion of the junk in our garage.

An awesome old red door that was stashed in the
depths of the garage.
I have been having fun photographing
that door :)

The results of going through my clothes.

I also took some garden pictures :)


Bear Lake & Baptisms

So this post is a little lot late but anyway.
Last Saturday I got to spend some wonderful time with a very dear friend who is always so busy with school and work that, though we live only 7 minutes away from each other we see each other only
once every few months. 
So on Saturday as we were both going to the baptism of some mutual friends we decided
to take a short hike in the canyon before the baptism.
We both woke early and had a lovely drive through the winding canyon talking nonstop, listening to Josh Groban and belting out the cool parts. *Sigh, to have a voice like that. 
(And NO I am not one of those people who fawn all over him. I just adore his voice :D)
Well before the hike we decided to go to the end of the canyon overlooking the lake.
Let me say that it was so beautiful that none of the pictures I took can ever even show a tenth of the beauty of that sunrise.
It was perfect. There were dark rainclouds with sunbeams darting through. Ahhh. God made such a beautiful world.
Unfortunately my camera decided to die on me so I will have to steal a few of my friends picture.
After a lovely hike/walk/photo shoot we traversed (again with Josh Groban as background music) down to the lake.
The baptism was lovely. It is the most wonderful thing to see people proclaim that they have given their 
lives to the Lord!
Much good food and talking later we departed.
My but it was a perfect day :)

Bear Lake

Good friends <3

The Limber Pine Trail ( I wish I had gotten a picture of
the actual pine tree. It is huge! And it looks like and Ent :D)

The Sound of Music! :)

We saw a bunch of these. It was like a mini yellow pine was
growing on a large pine tree.

An amazing fallen giant tree was a perfect frame!

Josh Groban!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


So I just discovered this website called Woot that sells some of the most awesome shirts on the planet!
I would not recommend all of them but some are awesome/hilarious.
The only downside is you can only buy shirts for a certain amount of time so a few of
these are no longer available :(
But they are super fun so I thought I would share them.

     My friend has this one called Shelf Life.

No Electricity Required.

For all us English poetry lovers out there this shirt is titled

One of my favorites called Imagination Takes Flight.
Scissors, Paper, Rock
Four Seasons in one Day

Friday, August 19, 2011

500 Miles

So while on vacation my friend introduced me to Peter Paul & Mary.
They are a folk band from the 60s or 70s I believe and I like adore most of their music.
This is one of my favorites. The sound is not great but it was the only video I could find so. . .
Just to make this clear. I do not agree with all the lyrics in all their songs but most of what I have listened to I have loved.

So enjoy :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Week Holiday

Three wonderful weeks spent in North ID. What could be better.
 Three weeks spent with one of my closest friends.
One week spent at her house and two weeks at my family cabin right on the lake! 
From boating and swimming to card playing and a "cooking" themed party, chilling with friends from as 
far away as Switzerland those three weeks were lovely.
I learned things about people and life as well as just having a great time.
I wish I could go back and see all the people again.
But life goes on.
I have been so blessed to have this getaway for 17 years.
But now for pictures :)

Constant laughter :)

Rain over our busted dock.

Waiting very expectantly for the party to commence.

My lovely, dear friend. Oh and Charley the dog :)

Playing soccer in a rather small dirt parking lot.

Me attempting to push down a dead aspen. As you can
probably tell from my wimpy pose I did not succeed.

Two teams + two pvc pipes + bags of mini marshmallows + ring frisbee =
Target Practice!!

BBQ chicken in the rain.

Chimney Rock

Cap'n Tiv!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I still have not uploaded all of my picture from vacation but here are a few.

Having a picnic/photo shoot on The Island

Me shooting a gun for the first time :)

I call this "Wet Dog in Rain" :P

The colorful curtains and beautiful view
out the cabin's front window.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Back!!

So, I have been gone for a long time.
On vacation for 3 weeks as well as having a 
hectic weekend helping with our booth at the fair.
Well I have not loaded any of my vacation pictures as of yet so hopefully tomorrow I can do 
a extremely long picture post :)
I seriously can't believe that summer is almost
OVER!! :'(
My life has really changed this summer
and in a way I can't wait for school again. 
But this summer was one of the most amazing of my life and I really don't want it to end. . .