Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Week Holiday

Three wonderful weeks spent in North ID. What could be better.
 Three weeks spent with one of my closest friends.
One week spent at her house and two weeks at my family cabin right on the lake! 
From boating and swimming to card playing and a "cooking" themed party, chilling with friends from as 
far away as Switzerland those three weeks were lovely.
I learned things about people and life as well as just having a great time.
I wish I could go back and see all the people again.
But life goes on.
I have been so blessed to have this getaway for 17 years.
But now for pictures :)

Constant laughter :)

Rain over our busted dock.

Waiting very expectantly for the party to commence.

My lovely, dear friend. Oh and Charley the dog :)

Playing soccer in a rather small dirt parking lot.

Me attempting to push down a dead aspen. As you can
probably tell from my wimpy pose I did not succeed.

Two teams + two pvc pipes + bags of mini marshmallows + ring frisbee =
Target Practice!!

BBQ chicken in the rain.

Chimney Rock

Cap'n Tiv!

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