Sunday, August 28, 2011

Well it sure is hot out here in the desert.

Sorry I haven't written is a while but things have just been, well 
Hot  ( over 100 F)
so I have felt like nothing but sitting in the cool basement watching Psych or going to work.
That is one thing that has boosted my moral in this depressing heat.
I have a new awesome job! 
I get to sell fresh (mostly) local produce. 
So far I have only worked a couple of days but I have enjoyed it.
I hope it stays that way :p

Oh yes and I also got a 

Goodbye to the days of being the only teenager still in the dark ages.

The only sad thing is as it is a Tracphone and I ordered it on Friday I have not yet received it yet :(
But it should come by Wednesday. 

Oh yes: School begins on Thursday :(
I wish summer would last for at least three more months and it wouldn't get cold and cloudy.
Yes I love fall and I enjoy snow but summer is such a lovely time full of
Freedom and Sunshine
No school, time to do whatever or just do nothing, sitting in the sun reading, or
playing ultimate frisbee and volleyball. 
Fairs and garage/yard sales :) 
But then I guess it also comes with times like this where it is so hot one can't move without breaking a sweat so. . .

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