Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bear Lake & Baptisms

So this post is a little lot late but anyway.
Last Saturday I got to spend some wonderful time with a very dear friend who is always so busy with school and work that, though we live only 7 minutes away from each other we see each other only
once every few months. 
So on Saturday as we were both going to the baptism of some mutual friends we decided
to take a short hike in the canyon before the baptism.
We both woke early and had a lovely drive through the winding canyon talking nonstop, listening to Josh Groban and belting out the cool parts. *Sigh, to have a voice like that. 
(And NO I am not one of those people who fawn all over him. I just adore his voice :D)
Well before the hike we decided to go to the end of the canyon overlooking the lake.
Let me say that it was so beautiful that none of the pictures I took can ever even show a tenth of the beauty of that sunrise.
It was perfect. There were dark rainclouds with sunbeams darting through. Ahhh. God made such a beautiful world.
Unfortunately my camera decided to die on me so I will have to steal a few of my friends picture.
After a lovely hike/walk/photo shoot we traversed (again with Josh Groban as background music) down to the lake.
The baptism was lovely. It is the most wonderful thing to see people proclaim that they have given their 
lives to the Lord!
Much good food and talking later we departed.
My but it was a perfect day :)

Bear Lake

Good friends <3

The Limber Pine Trail ( I wish I had gotten a picture of
the actual pine tree. It is huge! And it looks like and Ent :D)

The Sound of Music! :)

We saw a bunch of these. It was like a mini yellow pine was
growing on a large pine tree.

An amazing fallen giant tree was a perfect frame!

Josh Groban!!

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