Tuesday, August 23, 2011

At My House. . .

So we seem to be in fall cleaning mode or something right now.
Yesterday afternoon we removed all the junk/wood/tools/squirrel houses/spiderwebs/random things from the garage/Dad's workshop.
This is a rather a brave thing for anyone to attempt.
 And we succeeded! :) 
Now we have a table in our front yard piled with pots and a vacum hose with a Free sign taped to it.
I guess all that cleaning got me inspired because today I went through (almost) all my clothes and, man I had no idea I had so many unused clothes.
So feeling very accomplished I took some pictures so this post wouldn't be quite so blah :)
Our old Croquet set

A portion of the junk in our garage.

An awesome old red door that was stashed in the
depths of the garage.
I have been having fun photographing
that door :)

The results of going through my clothes.

I also took some garden pictures :)


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