Friday, November 25, 2011

Rather Random and Overdue

So I have not posted much of anything in the past few months but school has been busy and I guess when I did have the time I just didn't feel like it.
life has moved steadily onwards and my first semester in ITP (interpreters program) is almost over. I only have one day left!! 
My Thanksgiving was a little crazy. We had about 25-27 people over. It was fun 
and there was a 
prodigious amount of food about a third of which is sitting in my frige.
 Oh I recently found this lady (Loreena Mckennitt) who sings a lot of sorta Celtic/mythical songs. I don't like many of them but
she does sing some of my favorite 
How cool is that :D 
both of which stem from my love of Anne Shirley :) 
Well time to sign off 
and finish writing my last paper for the semester (after I finish catching up on blogs :P)