Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

So I never really think about all those holidays like Labor Day and Presidents Day etc.
But just this past month or so some things really began to hit me.
Memorial Day is tomorrow
and I don't think I have ever celebrated it 
But then I started thinking about what Memorial Day is all about.
"A bunch of dead people or whatever" was my attitude in the past. Memorial Day simply meant stores had sales and something about the army in the news.
But America is free. Other counties in the world are free; and why are they free?
Because of all those men and women who have given their lives to keep the world that way.
I sit here safe and am able to worship God in freedom.
Because people gave their lives for that freedom.
And I just take it for granted. 
What if no one had fought Hitler? 
I thank God that someone did.
I have freedom because so many people over the centuries have fought and died for that freedom. 
Freedom should not be taken lightly. So many people have very little or no freedom.
And yet I have it and take it for granted and don't thank those who helped me to keep it. 
Memorial Day remembers and honors those who died
for freedom.

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