Friday, May 20, 2011

Anne of Green Gables

So one of my top movies has to be 
Anne of Green Gables

Based off the book by L. M. Montgomery
the first movie was lovely
and though the second movie is not close to the book I still enjoyed it.


Megan Follows as
Anne Shirley
She is such an original character. Her love of books and
the way she makes up names for places the instant she
arrives in Avonlea. She almost leaves one breathless with her chatter but
one can't help but love her!
My favorite part! Anne portraying the "Lady of Shalott" whose
boat accidentally sinks and she must be saved by a handsome gentleman
in an awesome hat. But more about him later.
The Beautiful Diana Barry
best friend and kindred spirit of Anne Shirley
played fantastically by
Schulyer Gran
Anne and Diana have such a special relationship.
I love this scene. Sorta bitter sweet with such a gorgeous backdrop.

Surveying a certain person at their first ball.
Gilbert Blythe,
great friend, enemy and sweetheart.
Portrayed with brilliance and emotion by
Jonathan Crombie.
He is the guy with the cool hat as you can see :)
Love this picture
Black and white + awesome hat+ faraway look= amazing

Enemies (at first)
So funny. They are great friends in this picture, though it may
not appear so :)
Stern and unrelenting yet loving and so ineffably kind
Marilla Cuthbert
played by the always awe inspiring
Colleen Dewhurst
These two bring the whole movie together. 
And Matthew Cuthbert, brother to Marilla
portrayed by Richard Farnsworth.
He is so so gentle and compassionate.
He is the sweetest most lovable character one will ever come across.

They have such a close relationship. From the moment Matthew
finds Anne at the train station and she talks his head off. 

And last but not least is
Patricia Hamilton as Rachel Lynde.
Gossip, snobby, always in someone else's business.
 And though sometimes one may want to strangle her
she brings humor and laughter with her.

So full of laughter, sadness, friendship and love.
A story that should never end.
Full of a wonderful cast, fantastic costumes and setting and a story of growing up.

If you have not watch Anne go and rent it.

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  1. I'm right there with you on my favorite movies. I watched Anne of Green Gables with my girls so often we quote it almost everyday. Now that I'm raising my granddaughter we do the very same thing, she is an old soul like you my dear.

    Although I've had my granddaughter since she was born due to my daughter having cancer and she got her angel wings when her baby was only 10mo. old. I have beautiful memories of times gone by. Now that baby is not so young, ha, she turned 14 yesterday. Wow, where does time go? Sorry, rattling on...

    Anyway, as I read your posts I think you could become a writer yourself, you show great promise. I never thought I could write and I did, so I know you can do it too. God bless you sweetie. You have many talents, use them. Hugs.