Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking Back on the Past

So I have never been very good with keeping up a diary or a blog. This one is a prime example. It is easy to go into an endeavor with a smile and a bright picture of what is to come. Keeping it up, however, is another matter entirely. So (I need to stop beginning all my sentences with that word) on that note of despondency I shall attempt again at a blog that hopefully will not ebb off into oblivion.
There are a few things that I hope will keep it going this time.

  1.  I need/want to practice writing. Being a good writer helps life run a little smoother as well as being a worth wile thing to do.
  2. I hope to write book and movie review. There may even be a few vlog reviews mixed in. I shall have to see how long/where this goes to.
  3. I have a new buddy that I am quite proud of. His name is Winston :)

Yes I love him. However, I have never had a "fancy" camera like this before so I am still trying to sort out settings and lighting etc. etc. 
 So I guess number 4 is connected to 3 in that I hope to post multitudinous (fantastic word that I hope I used correctly) photographs.

     The road goes ever on and on

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