Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lately. . .

So I have not posted much lately but I have been rather busy
having a outstanding summer!
However at the moment my camera is acting like a donkey and won't let me upload any of my
lovely summer pictures to the computer. :(
So those will have to wait. . . 
today I took a three and a half hour assessment test for the 
American Sign Language interpreter program at BATCollage. 
It was exhausting
sitting there staring at a computer, solving math problems, and correcting grammar 
for 3 hours. But. . .
I passed!!!
So I am officially bursting with elation.
Saturday morning I took a hike in the canyon with my brothers and some amazing friends.
Hiking up the mountain was slightly uninvigorating (if that is a word)
walking along the top was amazing!
Fields of yellow wildflowers and Indian Paintbrush.
And the view was breathtaking.
Cliffs and peaks and one could even catch a glimpse of town. 
However I did not pack my camera so the calamitous thing is there are no pictures.
After returning from the hike we crashed on various couches for an hour
and then drove down to Layton to visit friends.
I was slightly acquainted with the family, however,
hanging out with and getting to know their four kids (all homeschooled or graduates of homeschool)
as well as a couple other kids was phenomenal!! I only wish they lived closer.
And now I am officially adding ultimate frisbee to my favorite sports.
Ah good times. . . I wish they never had to end :)

The weather here has been like a two year old; crying one moment and smiling the next.
 I keep expecting summer to come but then it rains. Again!
We have like double the normal rainfall and all the rivers are flooding or near flood stage.

Oh and I am reading The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare. It is rather entertaining though I can't help but feel sorry for Bianca and Katharina. Getting married off to the richest dude who happens along would suck more then anything.
 Oh and I need to write a paper on the moral of it and, well . . .
I have no idea what the moral is! 
So I have procrastinated on it and now have less then a day to write it. . .
I should do that.
But hopefully I can upload my pictures and do a fun post soon :)

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